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Jan 2021
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Branding, Website, Content, Design
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Prohibition Cocktail Co.

Building a cocktail brand during lockdown.

Prohibition Cocktail Co. were looking for a brand identity, print and packaging, e-commerce website, and social assets to enable them to launch their new DIY cocktail kits, sold to consumes to allow them to make bar-quality cocktails from the comfort of their own home, during the lockdown of 2021, when nobody could go to cocktail bars. The success of the brand was reliant on differentiating them from competitors in the market, achieved through their unique branding and memorable unboxing experience.

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stage 1 // strategy

The idea for Prohibition Cocktail Co. came from no one being able to go out to bars to enjoy good-quality cocktails, during lockdown due to Covid-19. Founders Dan and Rob therefore came up with the idea of creating kits which would allow customers to make their own cocktails at home, only needing to provide their own glass and ice. During the ideation phase, Rob compared this to the Prohibition era of the 1920s - with many aspects of this period mirroring the lockdown of the early 2020s - which inspired the name of the business. We therefore decided to continue this theme through the overall visual styling of the brand, taking inspiration from the moody colours of speakeasies and underground bars, and the eclectic art deco style of the 1920s, to provide an exciting and individual experience for customers when interacting with the brand and its products.

stage 2 //
inspiration and exploration

As established in the overall strategy, inspiration for the overall branding and design of print and packaging assets was taken from the art deco styling of the 1920s, using mirrored, geometric patterns, along with a colour scheme of dark shades paired with light, muted neutrals. Inspiration was also taken from existing popular alcohol brands, such as Hendricks, and the editing of images from used to inspire the styling of brand photography. The logo suite itself was created with a very simplistic appearance so not to overshadow the more complex designs which would be used elsewhere within the brand, however was still made up of an art deco-styled font and simple lines and shapes.

stage 3 //
final outcome

From the logo suite to the bottle stickers, the social media assets to the product photography, the moody, art deco styling was maintained throughout the branding. A different box sticker design was created for each of the 9 cocktails on offer, each featuring a different retro-styled typeface and geometric pattern, as well as a contents/recipe card and thank you postcard. Label stickers were also created to ensure that the contents of the box were on-brand, again adding to the excitement of the un-boxing and cocktail making experience. To compliment the branding, we then conducted and edited a product photoshoot with a moody feel to help add to the overall feel of the brand. These photographs were then used on the e-commerce website on which the products were advertised and sold, which was custom designed and built on the Shopify platform, as well as on the brand's social media pages. A social media strategy was also put together to help launch the business, with guidance given to the team to carry this forward, along with pre-made social media graphics to both build brand awareness and promote special offers.

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stage 4 // impact

An extensive project, the overall brand identity of Prohibition Cocktail Co. successfully achieved the goal of creating an exciting and memorable experience for the consumer. The business received more than 100 orders in its limited production run of 2 months, while building a social following of over 700 across Instagram and Facebook. The company received multiple repeat orders from happy customers, as well as many comments on the visual styling of the brand and it's print and packaging.

words from the client

"We first approached Seven and Co. Studio, after having worked together previously, we knew Millie would be the perfect person to help us with our new cocktail delivery project. Millie helped us from start to finish in creating our brand and website (even help review some cocktails too!), from setting up our Shopify store and website to guiding us as to how to manage the new site. We gave Millie the set criteria of art deco/1920s/prohibition era styling for our brand, and she was able to take our idea and incorporate it into our branding. Millie has been nothing but helpful for us with this project, and we certainly will be looking forward to working with her in the future."

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