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Autumn 2020
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Branding, Design
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Yoga In Yoga Out

Branding for a nature-inspired yoga business.

Yoga In Yoga Out is a yoga business which delivers online classes in Vinyasa Flow. Owner Lucy approached Seven and Co in need of a cohesive brand identity for the business to further expand and advertise on social media, with the intention of later creating a website and print collateral.

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stage 1 // strategy

Lucy's yoga classes are unique in the way that her music and movement choices take inspiration from festivals, which is something that Lucy wanted to be reflected in the visual identity, along with nature elements such as trees, leaves, the sun and the sea. We therefore decided early on that an icon which incorporated all of these elements would become a key element of the brand identity.

stage 2 //
inspiration and exploration

Initial inspiration was collected from the client's own photography as well as logo and branding examples found online, which informed the colour palette and visual elements included in the icon. We then started to sketch out ideas for the icon, based on different nature and festival inspired elements.

stage 3 //
final outcome

The final icon was then developed to be more simplistic, with obvious visual references to the sun and sea, as well as the inclusion of a tribal pattern to reference the festival feel. A custom logotype was created to sit alongside the icon, and a range of logo variations was then created to be used across brand touch-points, and build out the brand personality. Decorative visual elements including illustrations, patterns and textures were also created and provided to be used in content creation across digital, print and social media.

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stage 4 // impact

The creation and provision of such an extensive brand identity, made up of such a wide range of decorative elements, has given Lucy the scope to create unique and exciting content for her community and wider audience - allowing her to attract new clients and build awareness of her business.

words from the client

"I wanted millie to design a logo and branding for my yoga business Yoga In Yoga Out to create some flow across my social media. I had so many ideas and things that were meaningful to me that I wanted to include to show a little about the yoga I teach and the vibe I wanted the branding to give out, but had no idea of how to put it all together. Millie knew how to put it all together and bring it to life without forgetting anything that I said was important to me. Millie recognised that I would need quite a few different brand textures and patterns for the content I provide along side the social media package, and literally went above and beyond with so many different variations that I have now been getting used to using and playing around with. Which the brand guidelines millie provides explains exactly where and when to use different parts of the package, for example what fonts to use where, which colours go best together, the colour code for brand colours so can be used easily in Canva ect. and some examples of post and stories. I love the overlay filters they turn any content into branded content instantly! I am now looking forward to working on my next project with millie (the website!) very soon! "

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