date //
Spring 2020
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Branding, Website, Design
CLient //
You've Gut This

Designing for a body-posi influencer.

Lottie Drynan (AKA @lottiedrynan on Insta) is a social media influencer who empowers her followers to understand their bodies and feel happier by becoming more aware of IBS, its symptoms, and how to manage it. Lottie’s social content has a running theme of bright imagery and cheerful messaging, encouraging those who follow her page to embrace their tummy problems and learn to cope with it in a more positive way. ‍ Lottie approached Seven and Co in early 2020 looking for branding services for her new venture, ‘You’ve Gut This’ - an online support community for IBS sufferers. She was also looking to create a journal product named ‘My Tummy Diary’ which would help IBS sufferers to identify the causes of their tummy troubles, taking a 360 degree approach to triggers including not only diet, but factors such as sleep, water intake, and stress.

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stage 1 // strategy

With a community and target audience of mainly women, Lottie wanted her branding to have a feminine feel, with the visuals having a hand-drawn look to make the brand feel relaxed and personal. The branding would then be used across a range of touch points including products themselves, print, website and social media.

stage 2 //
inspiration and exploration

With inspiration provided by the client, we jumped straight into sketching out ideas for the custom logotype. The hand-drawn feel helps to convey the relaxed and upbeat feel of the brand, as well as tie into Lottie’s illustrative style on You've Gut This' social feeds. Lottie already had the idea of using a knot design for the ‘o’ of the logotype to represent the idea of a ‘knotted tummy’, which I was able to incorporate, as well as then using this element as a logo-mark for the brand.

stage 3 //
final outcome

In addition to the main logo and he colour scheme of dusky pink, dark grey and dark teal was created to feel bright and girly, yet high end and modern. We also created a range of 12 icons for the brand to be used within the journal, as well and determining a consistent design system for the brand involving fonts and their respective sizes, shapes and line weights, specifically within the journal. The design of the journal itself was a collaborative effort between Lottie, Seven and Co, and Heather Corthine Design, with the latter providing the basic layout for the journal pages while Lottie herself provided all written content, as well some of the design elements. We were responsible for the bulk of the journal design, as well as adding all of the brand elements, including brand colours and shapes, fonts, and illustrative elements. Finally, we provided assistance with content. print, packaging and web design to ensure a consistent visual identity across all all brand touch-points. Lottie wanted to ensure that the entire product journey from discovery on social media or the brand website, to ordering and receiving the product, was as cheerful and uplifting as the rest of the brand experience. This involved creating an extended brand colour scheme to be used across the 'You've Gut This' social media in all content to ensure a consistent look and feel, tweaks to the brand website to provide clarity and therefore enhance the user experience, plus sticker thank you slip designs for the packaging of the journal to invoke joy on receiving the product.

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stage 4 // impact

The initial response to the You’ve Gut This community was amazing, and to date (7/7/21) the Instagram page has 35.6K followers, and the support group on Facebook has 3.9k members. The ‘My Tummy Diary’ journal product was launched in June 2020 and after the initial pre-sale sold out in under 2 hours, Lottie sold 1000 copies of the journal within the first month. Lottie has now gone on to create a sustainable business around the journal products, and her Shopify store sits in the top 5% of views. The product page of her site features over 250 reviews which are all positive (4 or 5 star), many of which cite the design and presentation of the journal to be a key factor of its success.

words from the client

"Working with Millie felt like an extension of my own team – not only did Millie deliver beautiful designs but she was an absolute pleasure to work with and provided creative value and fun throughout the project. Millie managed to bring my scruffy sketches and vision to life with a beautiful hand-drawn logo and relaxed branding which helped form the identity of ‘You’ve Gut This’ and ‘My Tummy Diary’. Once the branding was complete I realised how much I needed Millie’s skills and support for the rest of my work therefore we continued to work together on the diary itself. Millie was always on the other end of the phone to help advise, tweak and perfect the diary (and also calm me down when on the verge of breakdown as we got closer to print!) which went on to sell-out of presale copies in under two hours. We receive comments and reviews daily about how beautifully the pages are laid out and I couldn’t have done it without Millie. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and I look forward to working together again on the next project!"

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